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Carlisle SynTec Roofing Systems


Sure-Seal black EPDM is perfect for use in northern climates to reduce heating costs, and Sure-White EPDM is great for reducing cooling costs in southern climates.


Sure-Weld TPO is perfect for warm southern climates - offering up excellent heat and UV resistance, weather resistance, and providing energy efficiency for building owners.


Sure-Flex PVC offers unparalleled resistance to chemicals, grease, fire, and punctures - because of this, it is an excellent choice for many buildings including restaurants.


FleeceBACK is an ideal membrane for critical facilities such as hospitals due to its long-term protection against severe weather and its quiet, low-odor installation.

Building Occupants

Carlisle Syntec believes that it's not only what is on the outside of your building that matters - it's what on the inside that counts, too. Carlisle offers a variety of systems, installation options, and accessories that allow your building to be enjoyed; whether there is construction work being done or not. Low-odor adhesives, adhesive-less installation options, and membranes that promote a quiet roof will keep you and your occupants will be happy.


Carlisle SynTec's warranty services provide industry-leading protection, covering the repair of leaks from a variety of causes - including accidental membrane punctures, hail up to three inches in diameter, and winds of up to 120 mph -  and offer a variety of terms. A Carlisle warranty gives building owners confidence that their building has long-term protection from a best-in-class manufacturer.

Proven Results

Hear what customers are saying about their experience of installing Carlisle SynTec Systems roofing products. These videos can be found in the video hub below.

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